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Database encryption

FileMaker Server 13 supports the new AES 256-bit database encryption feature. So no matter where your data lives, it’s protected from unauthorized access – whether it’s hosted on FileMaker Server 13 or on a local FileMaker client. FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced is required to enable encryption in each database.

Improved SSL certificate management

Making your databases more secure is even easier in FileMaker Server 13. When using a single machine installation, just one SSL certificate is needed to support all clients – FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go and FileMaker WebDirect.

Encryption state indicator

Also new is a visual encryption state indicator that appears when securely connecting to FileMaker Server 13 from FileMaker Pro 13. And when the connection is validated by a third-party certificate, the indicator turns green.

Streamline database uploads

Streamline your database deployment processes with even faster database uploads. Build a solution and then upload it directly from FileMaker Pro 13 to FileMaker Server 13. Uploading from FileMaker Pro 13 ensures file transfers are faster, plus there is no file size limits.

TCP/IP port consolidation

Administration is more streamlined with FileMaker Server 13. When setting up the Server, the number of ports that need to be opened to communicate outside the firewall has been reduced to just four - 80, 443, 16000, and 5003.

New Perform Script on
Server script step

Run a specified script on FileMaker Server 13 that can be used from any FileMaker client. Use this script with server-compatible plug-ins triggered from FileMaker Go to process credit cards or other offsite information.


Container field

FileMaker Server 13 lets you back up databases separately from container field data. Store your container field files on a separate remote drive from the actual database, and make scheduled back ups even faster. Streaming media from FileMaker Server 13 is more consistent even when network bandwidth is restricted.