• Get Device – Returns a number indicating the type of computer that is currently running FileMaker Pro or FileMaker WebDirect, or the type of iOS device that is currently running FileMaker Go.
  • "List of" summary field type – Shows a list of all the values for a field in the found set. For example, you can use it to return a list of all the record IDs of your found set.
  • Get Modified Fields - Returns a list of fields that have been modified in the current record of the current table.
  • Get Script Animation State - Indicates whether or not animations are enabled for the current script.
  • Get Window Orientation – Returns a value indicating the orientation of the window on which the script is acting (not necessarily the foreground window).
  • Get Connection Attribute - Returns a value indicating whether the FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Go connection to the host uses SSL, including whether the server name matches the server-side certificate.
  • Base 64 Code/Decode – Encodes or decodes a container field into a text-based binary format for interchange purposes.
  • Get Layout Object Attribute – Returns a value indicating whether an object is hidden from the current layout.
  • Get Current Time UTC Millisecond - Returns the current time without time zone adjustments in the form of the number of milliseconds since 1/1/0001. UTC time zone adjustments must be applied to get your local time.

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